P.A.T.H. (People Assisting the Homeless)


PATH provides services (including case management, medical and mental healthcare, benefits advocacy and employment training) in more than 140 cities in six regions across the state, and has more than 1,500 units of permanent supportive housing completed or in the pipeline. Since 2013, PATH has connected more than 9,000 people to permanent homes. PATH provides the support that homeless individuals and families need in order to successfully transition from living on the street, or in shelters, to thriving in homes of their own. High-quality supportive services are critical to ensuring that the people we serve are able to not only move into permanent homes, but also stay in their new homes long-term. The services we provide are available to individuals, families, and Veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

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WEBSITE: www.epath.org

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$100 – Family mental health services, $25 – Hygiene Supplies for Outreach, $250 – Furniture for a new home, $50 – Provide groceries to stay healthy